4950th Test Wing - EC18 Conversion

4950th Test Wing


The 4950th Test Wing was the major flying organization at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Fairborn, Ohio. This unique organization operated and maintained over 39 testbed aircraft including the Advanced Range Insturmentation Aircraft that received telemetry data for missile and satellite programs.

The 4950th Test Wing encompassed nearly 2,000 military and civilian employees encompassing a large variety of personnel specialties to carry out its diverse flight test mission.

The recorded history of the 4950th test wing is incomplete. The program consisted of thousands of dedicated personnel. Help us record their history. If you have pictures, stories, or anything related to the 4950th please consider providing the information donation.

4950th Test Wing - Aileen Lintzenich

4950th Test Wing Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Source: Aileen Lintzenich
Circa 1986