Apollo/Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft

Worldwide Support of Space and Earth Programs for 35 Years

61-0328 Crash Report

Excerpt of the 61-0328 Crash Report
By Randy L. Losey

The Real Story of ARIA 328

By Randy L. Losey

Last Contact

By Randy L. Losey

Final Touchdown

Edwards Air Force Base

ARIA Retires

Desert Wings

ARIA Leonoids

Edwards Air Force Base

Singing ARIA's Praises

By Technical Sergeant Pat McKenna

ARIA 374 Retires

Last EC-135E Retires to Air Force Museum

Navy Training

Navy Uses ARIA to Train New Pilots

Computerized Control

Computerized Control: Boon to ARIA

ARIA Project

A/RIA Project Forges Ahead

Moon Rock

Moon Rock Express Apollo 14