I created the flyARIA.com website in early 2000. Unfortunately, information about the Apollo Range Instrumentation program and the following Advanced Range Instrumentation program was minimal. It wasn't very reassuring that an active program for over 30 years was not being remembered. I realized that program information collection would be complex.

I was a Staff Sergeant assigned to the ARIA program. My job was to acquire airborne targets using the tracking system on the aircraft; my assigned aircraft was ARIA 61-0374.

My relatively short time with the ARIA program was one of my life's best and worst times. Even after 40 years, my memories are still as vivid as they were during those times.

I have dedicated this site to the crew, passengers, and their families of the ill-fated ARIA 60-0328 aircraft that crashed in Walkersville, Maryland, on 6 May 1981.

"To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die"  Thomas Campbell

Randy L. Losey