Aircraft 61-0330


The support requirements for Apollo, compiled by NASA's Office of Manned Space Flight (OMSF), originally stated a need for twelve heavily instrumented, long-range, high-speed aircraft to supplement the telemetry and communication support to be provided by the Apollo ships. After program refinement that the aircraft requirement would be eight, six to be on station with two standby spares. 61-0330 was one of the original eight Apollo Range Instrumentation Aircraft stationed out of Patrick Air Force Base, Florida.

Capabilities as of 1996

EC-135E - Basic Telemetry
Acquires and tracks TM data using a steerable 7-foot antenna, utilizes worldwide HF voice communication, and real-time UHF satellite data retransmission. Record, monitors and plays back mission data (2 - 14 track wide-band recorders w/dubbing capability)

Constructed C-135A-BN. Construction Number 18237.

Conversion to EC-135N with electrical and structural modifications at Douglas Aircraft, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

October 14, 1967
Aircraft arrived at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida.

January 1, 1968
Aircraft Online and Operational as an Apollo Range Instrumentation Aircraft.

December 1975
Aircraft transferred to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, 4950th Test Wing, operational as an Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft.

December 31, 1982
Converted to EC-135E.

Transferred to Edwards Air Force Base, California, 452d Test Flight Squadron.

Kirkland Air Force Base, New Mexico - Scrapped.

Credit: Randy L. Losey