Aircraft 62-4133


The support requirements for Apollo, compiled by NASA's Office of Manned Space Flight (OMSF), originally stated a need for twelve heavily instrumented, long-range, high-speed aircraft to supplement the telemetry and communication support to be provided by the Apollo ships. After program refinement that the aircraft requirement would be eight, six to be on station with two standby spares. Later, four additional aircraft were acquired. 62-4133 was one of the original Telemetry Range Instrumentation Aircraft stationed out of Patrick Air Force Base, Florida.

Constructed C-135B-BN. Construction Number 18473.

Unknown Date
TRIA, Telemetry Range Instrumentation Aircraft Patrick Air Force Base. Equipment from C-130 Tracking Aircraft installed in the T/RIA aircraft

June 30, 1971
First date listed on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base inventory.

December 31, 1979
Conversion ARIA EC-135B

December 31, 1983
Last date listed on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base inventory.

Unknown Date
Conversion to TC-135S flight crew trainer for Cobra Ball (RC-135) crews.

Source: Randy L. Losey