ARIA Forges Ahead


Bendix Radio is rapidly progressing with its program to instrument eight C-135 aircraft for airborne communications with the Apollo spaceship as it orbits the earth before changing direction to head for the moon. Above, the mockup of the airborne antenna to be mounted in the nose of the C-135 Apollo/Range Instrumentation Aircraft shows relative size.

The largest high-gain, two-direction steerable airborne antenna ever made, this seven-foot 700-pound unit will have transmission and reception capabilities for both telemetry and voice, and will operate in acquisition as well as auto-track modes. The dish will be honeycomb with an aluminum skin.

Modification of the eight C-135's which is extensive because of the shift in the center of gravity, is being performed by Douglas Aircraft Modification Center in Tulsa. Douglas is the prime contractor for the A/RIA program and Bendix Radio is electronic subcontractor.

July 1966

Source: Courtesy Bendix Radio Foundation